Donna & Jane Host a Barn Dance

A fun way to raise money as part of their marathon fundraising!

Donna’s husband, Mark, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2016, at the age of 49. He has consequently gone through surgery, 6 months of chemotherapy, and 33 sessions of radiotherapy, and is currently half way through 2 years of hormone therapy. This has had a major impact on not only Mark, but also all of his family and friends. Mark’s father died from the disease at the age of 59, and unfortunately his grandfather also passed away from prostate cancer.



Mark and Donna have two sons in their early 20s, so the decision to raise funds for the charity by running the London Marathon was something Donna and Jane, a family friend, were keen to do. Prostate Cancer Research was ‘a perfect choice’, as trying to find a cure for prostate cancer is now a priority for Mark and Donna’s sons, and men like them.


As a way of fundraising, Donna and Jane organized a charity barn dance, as they decided that if they could raise money and give their supporters a fun night out at the same time, it would be a win-win situation. The event was a great success, and was very enthusiastically supported by over 150 local people and businesses, resulting in the night raising £3,200 for Prostate Cancer Research!

Thank you to Donna and Jane, from all #TeamPCR!

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