Medical research has given me a second chance. It has allowed me to enjoy three more wonderful years packed with fun, laughter and magic memories. I hope that new treatments can benefit more men like me in the future.

‘I first discovered I had prostate cancer in September 2016. I had real trouble going to the loo. I thought it might be a urine infection, but I was given the stunning news that I had Stage 4 prostate cancer. I was told that the cancer was incurable as it had already spread to my bones. It was a total shock.

I had never been ill. In the family folklore I was indestructible. I went from believing this to the prospect of having only a few years to live.

I was lucky: I responded very well to a new chemotherapy treatment. It reduced the tumor and left no active cancer in the bones. I feel very grateful that I benefitted from this treatment which would not have been available just a few years before.

Physically and mentally I am in a good place and nearly three years after diagnosis I am able to lead a normal life.

My hope for future generations is that prostate cancer research continues to be supported across the entire spectrum of the disease. I hope that the research being worked on by PCRC leads to new treatments, so more men like me don’t miss out on life.’

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