Oliver Kemp


Oliver keeps the team on its toes making sure we are always moving at pace and striving to be the best, whether that’s diversifying our funding, coming up with new ways to keep prostate cancer patients firmly at the centre of all we do, or making sure his team wins the Escape Room Challenge. Look out for him in December when he loves nothing more than dressing up as a Christmas elf!

Boris Cooper

US Development Director

In the past 20 years Boris Cooper has raised funding for a number of charitable causes, including economic development, environmental protection, educational equality, and cancer research. Prior to his work in the nonprofit sector Boris was an investment banker, management consultant, private equity investor, and Silicon Valley executive and entrepreneur. He is an avid runner and loves to travel, read books on military history and strategy, and solve crossword puzzles.

Erica Ruggiero

US Development Officer

Erica knew upon graduating college in 2020 that she wanted to work for a non-profit organization and help people. She is excited to move forwards in her career at PCR by raising money, supporting others, and spreading information and promoting awareness about the valuable research being done by her hardworking team. She is eager, adaptable, and intuitive. During her free time, you can find Erica either getting lost in a book or getting lost out in the woods on her hikes.

Naomi Elster

Director of Research and Communications

Naomi has a PhD in science, for which she helped a new breast cancer treatment get to clinical trial. She has been writing and talking about science to anyone who will listen for a long time, and she came to work at PCR when she realized her conversations with test tubes in the lab were getting a little one-sided.

Uloaku Ikegwu

Head of Finance

Uloo is a qualified member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). She is responsible for the financial health of the Organisation, making sure the money that all our donors give get to the scientists at the right time. She is bright, energetic and very competitive when it comes to making Christmas jumpers. She makes beautiful hats when she’s not looking at Excel charts. Her charisma is real.

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