An Unusual Fundraising Method

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Clem decided to raise funds for PCR in an unusual way.

Despite an increased awareness about the disease over the last few years, there is nothing that prepares you for being told that you or someone you love has cancer. Clem was diagnosed with prostate cancer in July 2017, which understandably came as a shock to him and his family.

Many men with early stage prostate cancer don’t display any signs or symptoms. However, there  are some things that mean you are more likely to get prostate cancer, if:

  • You are aged 50 or over
  • Your father or brother has had prostate cancer
  • You are Afro-Carribean.

After being diagnosed, Clem started treatment almost immediately. “Chemotherapy was, in short, awful. This was followed by radiotherapy, which was also very tough, and continued with hormone therapy and participation in an ongoing clinical trial.”

With a very high PSA when originally diagnosed, his PSA has now come down by over 2000% to 0.11! To celebrate, Clem decided to raise money to help fund more vital research into prostate cancer, choosing Prostate Cancer Research as the benefitting charity. He felt connected to the charity’s goal of stopping the disease from killing, and that PCR fund ground-breaking research and drive improvements in treatment.

Clem’s passion has always been flying and all things and gaming. Recently, he has built a flight simulator from scratch, which now encompasses some 11 screens consisting of monitors, laptops, iPads and phones!

On Saturday 25th May 2019, Clem flew on the simulator for 26.5 hours straight from London Gatwick, UK to Sydney, Australia in a Boeing 737 jet, decked out in the PCR logo. This was a mammoth challenge! Lots of supporters joined throughout the flight through Clem’s live stream, and Clem enjoyed every minute of showing how he was doing throughout take off, refueling stops and the final landing.

Thank you so much to Clem for taking on this challenge for PCR so successfully! He has raised an amazing $7,239.93!


If you want to take on some fundraising for PCR that’s a little bit different, like Clem, or have chosen us to benefit from your hard work fundraising, please do let us know by emailing [email protected]!


Hear more from Clem below, and watch his interview with That’s TV Surrey below!

You can watch Clem’s interview on That’s TV Surrey

If you fancy fundraising for PCR too, don't hesitate to get in contact with our team!

Hear more from Clem!

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