Basic Running Kit for Beginners

Want to start running? Here is what to wear: Your basic running kit

Running is an easy way to get fit without having to spend loads of money on kit. All you need are some good trainers and somewhere to run. Running gives you the freedom to go wherever you like and whether you run for 20 minutes, or for hours, on road, or track, it is a great way to get fit and enjoy the outdoors.

If you have set yourself a fundraising challenge to run a race, or simply just want to start running for fun, then here are a few tips about getting a kit together in order to help you get started!


The most important piece of kit a runner needs are running trainers. These need to fit you perfectly and should be tried on before you buy in order to make sure they are comfy and the right fit for your feet. You also need to buy shoes that are designed specifically for running in order to help cushion your feet and give your body the best support possible.

There is an incredibly wide range of running shoes out there, from general running shoes to lightweight pairs designed for racing. Something for everyone! It is your choice how much you choose to spend on trainers. Here is an additional guide with some extra tips to help you find the perfect pair for you.


The socks you choose to wear when running can be as important as your trainers. Running socks allow your feet to breath, keeping them cool and dry, and are also designed to not slide off your feet, particularly important in preventing painful chafing and blisters!  Some even have specific padding for left and right feet, to make your feet as comfortable as possible.


You want your short or leggings to be as comfortable and lightweight as possible. It is important that they do not restrict your movement when you are running. Some shorts come with a pant liner so you don’t have to wear anything else with them if you choose not to. These shorts can take some getting used to and it is best to make sure you get the right size.

An additional helpful feature found in some shorts and leggings is a small zipped pocket. You can store keys or money in this compartment when you are out running.


The best type of top to run in is a ‘technical’ t-shirt, these are made from a synthetic material that allows your body to breathe ensuring that you are comfortable whilst running. They are incredibly lightweight and allow your body to be kept warm or cool depending on the conditions.

Your top should fit your body, but not be too tight, to ensure your movements aren’t restricted when running. During colder weather, you may want to wear a long sleeved ‘technical’ t-shirt. Cuffed sleeves keep you warm without riding up.

Sports Bra

A good sports bra is an essential piece of equipment for women to avoid being uncomfortable. Sports bras vary in the support they offer, though wearing the correct size and fit can make a big difference in making you comfy on your run. You may want to go for a fitting or test out different designs to see which works for you.


When the weather gets hotter or colder just adjust your clothing appropriately, layering up or down, so that you can enjoy running at any time of the year. One thing to consider is the visibility of your clothing to motorists, especially during the darker winter months. Buying clothing with florescent strips or bright colors will help motorists see you.

These tips cover the essentials in a good running kit, and we hope it helps you feel ready for whatever fundraising challenges you have coming your way!

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