19th-20th June 2021

Feel Healthy Inside and Out with Walking

Walking isn’t only a great way to catch a bit of fresh air and sightsee, it is also recommended because of the amazing health benefits associated. Here we explore some of the ways that walking can help your physical and mental health:

Any exercise causes your heart to work harder, pumping more oxygenated blood to help your muscles. Giving your heart this work out overtime makes it stronger, can reduce your risk of a stroke and even lowers bad levels of cholesterol. Doctors recommend walking for 30 minutes a day, to keep your heart in tip top condition!

Walking is a great form of exercise if you are new to exercising or trying to lose weight gradually. Instead of something more strenuous, you can change up your routine to incorporate more walking. And, walking at 4mph for just 30 minutes a day burns around 150 calories (that’s 7lbs of body fat a year!)

Walking can make you feel more alert and awake because of the increased oxygen flowing around your body. If you’re feeling lethargic, why not try going for a short walk? You will feel the almost instant effects of your happy red blood cells.

Research shows that exercise can help us to feel happy. This partially due to the release of endorphins, which are responsible for increases in our happiness and decreases in pain. Walking also gives you the opportunity to take a break from the stress of everyday life and take a few moments for yourself.

Our virtual Snowdonia for Science has three walking options of different lengths. This includes a longer, flatter walking option, so anyone wanting to feel the amazing benefits of walking can get involved. There are also more challenging options if you want to push yourself to a more difficult walk. There is something for everyone!

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